This page is “in-process”. It will include projects completed for SAR (search and rescue) personnel.

Since SAR units have so many variations with the type of clothing, equipment and gear each unit uses, I do not have a set list of pants or shirt conversions at this time. Contact me with your specific needs and we can go from their on what type of modifications you want done.

For project requests, contact me at




July, 2012

Custom LE/Air-Crew/SAR order

E-FCHP pants conversion to Woodland MARPAT pants


– combat knee pad pockets installed

–  internal knee pad height adjusters installed (1″ Coyote webbing w/1″ Coyote loop-locks)

– mid-leg side pant leg adjusters installed

– ankle side pant leg adjusters installed

– 1″ coyote webbing gaiter loops installed to pant leg bases

– reinforced crotch/seat panel installed

– calf pockets re-located to upper/front center or pant legs





PICT7114 PICT7115 PICT7116 PICT7117 PICT7118 PICT7119 PICT7120 PICT7121 PICT7122 PICT7123 PICT7124 PICT7125 PICT7127 PICT7130 PICT7131 PICT7132 PICT7139 PICT7141 PICT7144 PICT7145 PICT7146 PICT7147 PICT7148 PICT7149 PICT7151 PICT7152 PICT7153 PICT7156PICT7112 PICT7113











SAR order for FCHS shirt conversion to DCU top (includes rolled Mandarin collar, khaki velcro installed on cuffs and arm pockets/flaps – 04/18/13

PICT8158 PICT8159 PICT8160

PICT8152 PICT8154 PICT8155 PICT8157

Call signs for SAR nurse (early 2012)


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