For all order inquiries and questions, contact me at  unctac@yahoo.com


After you contact me at the above e-mail address, I will contact you about your inquiry and go over all relevant details with you on the process, as well as send you a PENDING QUOTE and FINALIZED QUOTE after you have decided on what you want done. Generally, people send their field uniform or tactical uniform items to me…or buy and forward/ship their items to me and then I do the work on them and return the items to the person/clients, upon completion of the project/projects. If a person wishes for me to supply the uniform items, I will locate several of the requested items (used in good condition, like new, or new) at various prices and then contact the person with the items I have sourced for them. They can then choose which items they want based on their budget or on what they are willing to spend. Most of the time I can find the items at decent prices as I am very thorough with my item searches. Active duty military and LE personnel, PMC’s, PSD, EMS/SAR, Executive Protection (PSS’s), often request me to acquire the items for them since, quite often, they are over-seas, on deployment, on assignment..etc, or are not in a position to acquire the items themselves.

All return shipping is done via USPS Priority or Priority Flat Rate shipping with tracking number provided where tracking numbers can be used based on USPS policy. Over-seas USPS Priority/Priority Flat Rate shipping to APO/FPO addresses and most international addresses do not include tracking numbers, via USPS policy, however extra insurance can be had if the person wants to pay for that service. I’ve never had a problem yet, with any of my shipments to any location using USPS as my shipping service. I do not use any other shipping method at this time. For small items like call sign patches..etc, I do use standard shipping via USPS, as well as USPS Priority shipping, using letter envelopes, small Scotch paper bubble packets and other small yellow stationary envelopes..etc. All shipping costs are included in the FINALIZED QUOTES.



After updating you, via e-mail, on the order process from time to time, and upon completion of your project, I will then notify you that your project has been completed and is ready for shipment. In general, I will not ship the package to you until I receive confirmation that you are OK with me shipping your parcel out to you at the address you gave to me at the beginning of the order process.  This insures that the items are shipped to the address you want them shipped to …and/or they are shipped to a location where I know you (or your trustworthy friend/family member..etc) will be at to receive the items. Communication is thorough and everybody wins…you get your items back in your hands and I’m not stressed wondering if you are going to receive your items back. People change addresses or move..etc and sometimes forget to tell me.  Also, If there is any balance due, I will remind you of the balance due and let you know that your items are packaged and ready to go…I will continue to notify you via all e-mail addresses that you have given to me in an effort to reach you about your completed order and any balance due. If you are active military, LE, PMC or medical personnel, I will hang onto your completed project for up to a year from the date of the last message I sent to you and then if no response is made by you in that time-frame, I’ll either use the items as fabric for other projects or sell the items off.

If you are not military personnel, LE personnel, PMC personnel or medical personnel and I do not hear back from you after 30 days have passed from the last notification I sent to you, the items/conversions may be listed for sale or kept for use as remnants. The exception to this is if you have told me in the beginning, that you may need me to hold onto your items after the order is completed… for whatever time period you need for whatever reason.

I will exhaust all efforts trying to contact you, first, to notify you that your order is complete and ready to be shipped out to you, before I sell the items or use them as remnants for other projects.




I strive to complete orders in a timely manner and can usually get them done and shipped out in a decent amount of time. However, from time to time, due to unusual circumstances (my supplies source is back-ordered on the needed supplies, family urgency needs, power outages or equipment maintenance intervals, etc) and during heavy seasons, some orders may take longer than usual to complete. This is a specialized service where everything is hand-made and installed. This is not a production line service. I started this in order to help those who defend our freedoms do their jobs better and to allow for a myriad of options based on their needs, not on what a manufacturer “thinks” they need. It is not unheard to hear from a person who states they are willing to wait for long periods of time to receive their projects back because of they are aware of the demand that this service takes on…however, this is not the norm and it is certainly not what I prefer if I can help it. Generally, as a one-man-show, projects will be completed and shipped out in approximately a month or so…but usually less if the project is a simple one and not time consuming or detail oriented. I’m getting better at shorter turn-around times as time progresses. Generally, I require full payment up front, however, if I feel that a project may take me longer then expected, I may hold on taking payment so that a person is not out the dough, while waiting a long time for their project to be completed.




To prevent premature wear/age and fading of  your Field/Combat Hybrid uniform tops and bottoms, wash them by hand in a bath tub, plastic bin or shower…etc with a MILD soap detergent, rinse with cold water very thoroughly and then place/clip item on a plastic or non-metallic hanger and hang dry the item where it can breathe and dry more quickly. If hanging item outside, be sure it is not in direct sunlight. If out in direct sunlight to speed up the drying time…don’t leave the item in sunlight the entire dry time.

If you absolutely must use an electric washer and dryer…do the following…wash the item in a washer using the  “gentle cycle/delicate” or “hand wash” position. When item is finished being washed, place item in dryer and dry item on the “low heat/delicate” position for a limited time setting and check on the items dryness every 5-1o minutes so that the item/items do not get unnecessary over-heating.



100% cotton rip-stop, Twill and other non-nylon incorporated fabrics are more vulnerable to wear and age than Nylon/Cotton (NY-CO) rip-stop fabrics…so be even more careful with the wash and dry process of those items.


About Unconventional - Tactical

Since my initial start of working in a protective service occupation (stateside only) and also being employed in the surveillance investigator field, conducting quite a lot of assignments involving technical surveillance operations in suburban and mountain regions, I became increasingly aware of just how well (and not so well) different types of field equipment, concealment patterns, clothing and other gear worked. Instead of simply talking about all of the gear and equipment with friends and acquaintances all the time, I decided to start a web page where folks can discuss how much they like or dislike various gear that they have used or that they are interested in purchasing but want other peoples opinions based on their own personal accounts of the gear they used. Types of gear and equipment on my page ranges from basic protective occupations gear/equipment and surveillance/concealment operations clothing/gear...all the way to military special operations equipment and gear. I have also custom made a few items that I have sold to a few good friends and acquaintances that can be used reliably in MIL-SIM & TAC-SIM events and training as well as "real deal" operations..etc. My son and I became avid tactical simulation attendees after my son introduced me to organized scenario-based air-soft events. Needless to say, he got me hooked on it and I find it to be a great way for fathers and son's and friends to function as a team and employ real world tactics in a safe and non-lethal environment.
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  1. My new e-mail has now been posted on my blog pages. Contact me at unctac@yahoo.com for all questions regarding orders

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